Thursday, October 30, 2008

What does a "community organizer" do?

Imagine you are a politician, particularly a liberal politician, and you really can’t get all the power you want because the people who want what you are selling don’t vote and the people who do vote are to smart to turn their lives over to you. How do you get the illiterate and uneducated to vote? You walk into their neighborhoods and sell class warfare. You tell them it isn’t their fault they have nothing and you are here to help. And for their help, you will need to pay a monthly fee to them and participate in a minimum of 5 demonstrations that they call per year. Oh….and when it it’s time to vote we’ll take you there and let you know what candidates are bad (the ones that hate you and will not help you). You collect millions in tax dollars and you terrify the big banks with lawsuits of discrimination if they don’t help. In my opinion, this is insidious. It is secretly eroding away the foundation of this country and only political junkies that will actually read the legislation find out about it. You remember what I showed you yesterday in the Nancy Pelosi sponsored bill in 05/08 calling for increased lending to low income and very low income borrowers. Tell me, how can we increase that?
On top of all that is going on this week, this research really angered me. This organization is part of the problem, along with the help of the Congressional Black Caucus and the democratic house banking committee. On their web-site you will notice a picture of their president with Barney Frank.

I understand that many of you in the real estate industry may do business with these guys or at least are strongly tempted to…just remember that when you refer business to them you are making a political referral as the clients will commit to become involved with their political activities or they can not get help. (some blog comments regarding the group)