Friday, November 14, 2008

If A Voice Could Be A Weapon

I was having one of my wonderful conversations yesterday with my highly intelligent and very creative daughter. We were both expressing our frustration with the bureaucracy in Washington. Our question and bottom line was, how do you change it? Do we finally all just give up and go get a job at Taco Bell? How do you get the message out that the power is in our hands? Her comment was "If a voice could be a weapon" and that got me thinking. What we hear coming out of Washington is the self fulfilling prophesy that things are bad and that they will get worse unless Washington fixes it by printing, or borrowing, more money and handing it out like candy to a spoiled child. My frustration lies in that I have been watching Washington and financial policies for 30 years and they have brought us to where we are now. The primary demise of our financial services industry lies in the fact that Congress was pressured by special interest groups to loan to individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase homes they would never be able to afford. Again, like giving candy to a spoiled child. But, in my opinion, even this didn't fully collapse our economy. I believe the rhetoric coming from our so called leaders has contributed greatly. When members of Congress and the the Administration take to the airwaves and tell everyone "We Are Doomed", well then the market tends to follow. All that does is give them more power. They have used their most powerful weapon, their voice. And this ever increasing power kills the spirit of initiative.

It's time to fight back. Use your voice! Things look bad right now when you are looking through the prism of their words, but the reality is this; Home prices and interest rates are low. You can still buy your primary home with a 3.5% down payment. As far as the stock market, now is the perfect time to start investing. Now is the time to begin acquiring shares for the long term. This is the market where wealth is created. For those who are in the market and fearful of loosing their retirement wealth, there are exciting new guaranteed products that will protect your income for life.

The government can not fix the problems we face on a daily basis in our business. We have to fix it! Fight Back!  

Use your most powerful weapon, use your voice.