Monday, January 26, 2009

Change You Can Count On

Barak Obama campaigned on the message of change. He was inaugurated on Jan 20th, and as of today January 26th, he has certainly been true to his word. So far, he has implemented the following changes:

* Rescinded the "Mexico City" rule which President Bush imposed. Your tax
dollars are now paying for abortions all around the globe.
* He has stopped the trials on the 9/11 terrorists
* He has named a Secretary of State that receives millions of dollars from
foreign countries (Hillary Clinton)
* He has shut down any foreign prisons
* He has nominated an admited tax evader for Secretary of Treasury (Timothy
* He has eliminated Clinton's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on homosexuals
now allowing them to serve openly in the military
* He signed an executive order banning lobbyist from serving in his
administration, and them immediately turn around and appointed a lobbyist to
be deputy Secretary of Defense (William Lynn III)

For more "Change You Can Count On" please visit and click on the agenda link at the top of the page. The only link that is still "under construction" as of this writing is his "Ethics" agenda.

Now, you can continue down his road to change, or you can join thousands of others that are committed also to change, but change of another kind. Join my local Facebook group.

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