Friday, October 16, 2009

Is It Worth it?

Is It Worth It?

America is in a challenging time. A time, like few before, that will have a permanent impact on the direction of this country. Our nation is in the midst of deciding more freedom or less freedom, more self reliance or more government reliance, more of God or less of God, or maybe even none of God.

Some of you, who read my posts, know me personally, but many do not. For those of you, who don’t know me; let me give you some background. I love my country. I love my God and I am a follower of Jesus Christ. He has never let me down. For 20+ years I was a single mother of two children, a smart, funny, compassionate boy and a multi-talented extraordinary girl. Both are now married, serving the Lord and contributing to the good of society and I am now re-married. While raising my children, I worked in the mortgage industry and participated politically, although not as much as I have been lately. I thought, like many American’s, that voting and raising my voice on occasion, was all that was needed. That those elected to office were “looking out for us.” I see you snickering, but didn’t you?

I no longer believe that. I believe Washington has become obese with power and corruption and few even remember that they were sent there to represent. This realization has motivated me to be more vocal, more active and more aggressive in trying to inform others. I had become weary in well doing. I found myself wondering, what is the use? Is anyone listening? Is it worth it? I spent 30 years building a mortgage business to see it decimated by industry and government corruption. I moved on to the insurance and securities industry, which I’m afraid, may take the same route as the mortgage industry. And the corruption in Washington reigns on.

I have painted on the back window of my Mini-Van “I am 1 of the ‘Angry Mob’.” I have been considering removing it, feeling it was pointless, perhaps offending. Yesterday, as I was out trying to build yet another business, I had the radio on, tuned to conservative talk. A mother called in distraught with the conditions of the country. She said she was a 51 year old mother of a 6 year old. She was crying. She said she could no longer support this corrupt government and was not going to send them anymore tax dollars. The host encouraged her to reconsider, because her 6 year old needed her at home and not in jail. It was very emotional. At the same time a car pulled up next to me. It was an elderly man, perhaps in his late 70’s. He was connected to a portable oxygen tank. He turned his head slowly and looked me in the eye, raised his hand and gave me the thumbs up. Why? He had read my back window. I heard that still small voice say “Is It Worth It?” I cried the rest of the way home…and am still emotional as I write about it. I will never forget the look on that man’s face. I felt he was saying, “Thank You”.

So, for the 51 year old mother of a 6 yr old, for the elderly gentleman next to me on oxygen, and for you, I will keep on. I will shrug off this “weariness in well doing” and I will continue to fight for the inalienable rights endowed by our creator. I invite you to join me. You may not be able to do the same things I do, but you can do something. I urge you to stay informed, seek the truth, and communicate what you learn.

“The choice before us is plain. Christ or Chaos, conviction or compromise, discipline or disintegration. I am rather tired of hearing about our rights and privileges as American citizens. The time is come, it now is, when we ought to hear about the duties and responsibilities of our citizenship. America’s future depends upon her accepting and demonstrating God’s government.” Peter Marshall, The Rebirth of America.

Regina Brown

Largo, Fl.