Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Does God hear?

Does God hear our prayers?  The intersection in this photo is near my home and one I travel often, almost daily.  For nearly a year this billboard had the remnants of an old advertisement whose time had expired.  You've seen them, faded, half torn off and no longer useful.  I would often notice what an eyesore it was.  The property it sits on is not in any better shape.  Then one day about 3 months ago, I was stopped at the light and noticed that finally someone had purchased ad space and the message on the board had changed.  In big black letters it said "Planned Parenthood, someone you know depends on us".  I was outraged, really I was.  You see, just on the other side of those trees in the background is one of Planned Parenthood's targeted neighborhoods, a government housing project.  As I sat at the red light that day, I cursed that billboard.  Not in the worldly sort of way we're used to hearing, but in the Biblical way of cursing the darkness.  I, out loud, asked God to change it.  I asked for a wealthy businessman to purchase that space and put a positive message there.  For the next couple of months I cursed that darkness every time I drove by.  Two weeks ago I was stopped at the red light again and when I looked over I shouted for joy!  The darkness had been replaced with TRUTH!  Don't you love it!  Truth always replaces darkness.  I still notice this billboard every time I drive by, but now with a heart of thanksgiving and the knowledge that as I drive down that road and communicate with the living God, the creator of all things, that He is with me and He is listening.