Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear Senator Rubio,

June 24, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio 
284 Russell Senate Office Building 
Washington, D.C. 20510 

 Dear Senator, 

It is with heavy heart that I write this letter this morning. I have been in prayer for you and for our country all weekend. Our country is in desperate need of renewal and insight in both our citizens and our elected officials. However, this morning I particularly want to address the immigration bill. 

I have watched the immigration bill, your stand, and your involvement, grow from good intentions and needing to do something, to another huge, over-reaching, ever expanding government mandate. In the past year, the concerned citizens of Florida have seen the following abuses from our Federal government, specifically the Executive branch:

  •  They have ignored and left unprotected our ambassador in Libya when he asked for and was denied additional security only to end up dead. The executive branch denied and/or covered up any involvement in this matter. 
  •  We have seen the executive branch in the form of the IRS target, and deny those who oppose them the rights afforded them under the constitution and U.S. law. 
  •  We have seen that same IRS leak tax returns to the opposition of pro-life groups and published on the internet. 
  •  We have seen NSA abuse after abuse regarding the monitoring and gathering of our personal information. 
  •  We have seen the Justice Department target, and accuse a Fox News reporter of a crime in a sworn affidavit to subpoena his personal records and the records of even his parents. 
  •  We have learned of the Justice Department's secret subpoena of AP phone records. 

And now, you are asking us to trust this same Federal Government and Executive Branch with another 1,000+ pages, hard to understand, filled with loopholes, bill without addressing or correcting the items I have above itemized. Senator, the people of Florida, cannot support that. It seems that the more opposition the bill receives the larger it gets in an effort to win support. 

Opposition to this bill is about many things, but briefly, it is about TRUST. We have an out of control, bloated government that has not addressed the serious problems we are currently facing, not to mention their previous broken promises regarding immigration and boarder control. How can you ask us to trust this bill? I cannot, I will not. In fact, I believe that if this very same bill were in Congress in 2010 when you were running for office, you would be running against it for the very reasons I have stated. 

Senator Rubio, I raised two children on my own, without any government or family support. There were times during those 20 years that everything came at me at once. There were serious issues that needed to be dealt with, while a never-ending series of other serious issues kept coming. Things became chaotic. It was at those times when I just had to STOP and Say No to anything new, handle what was in front of me and restore order to our daily lives. Senator, that is what I am asking you to do today. Our children and our country are at stake. 


Regina Brown
Largo, Fl.