Friday, August 30, 2013

The Hyde Amendment and How it relates to Obama-Care

Have you ever heard of the Hyde AmendmentWhen the Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that abortion was a right and now the law of the land in the United States, everyone on medicaid that wanted an abortion could obtain one and the cost was born by U.S. taxpayers. 

It took just three short years before the American public insisted that they no longer wanted to fund abortions.  On Sept 30, 1976 the Hyde Amendment was passed banning federal funding of abortions.  The Hyde Amendment is not it's own stand alone law, but it is an amendment that is attached to the appropriations bill and must be renewed and passed annually.  It has been included, and passed on every appropriations bill since 1976.   

With every appropriations bill passed, should there arise a group opposed to the Hyde Amendment, either in the house or senate, they could deny passage of  Amendment thereby denying passage of the appropriations bill and shut down the government until one side gave in and either passed it or removed it.

What does all that have to do with Obama-Care?  It is being suggested that we do the same thing, right now with the "Affordable Care Act".  The house writes the bill that "appropriates" all funding of the government and it's programs.  There are Senators and Representatives right now, working to make that happen.  By attaching an amendment to the appropriations bill that will be submitted in the next few months, we can withhold funding for Obama-Care.

What's the risk?  The risk is that those who vote for defunding will not have the courage to follow it through with an understandable message and will allow themselves to be painted as the ones that shut down the government.  The reality is that the government doesn't have to shut down.  If the appropriations bill funds everything BUT Obamacare, then Obama-Care proponents will be the ones to make the choice of priorities.  Will Obama-care, which many of the proponents have been granted exemptions from, become more important than everything else in the country.  It will become a matter of message.  

On a side note....Bart Stupak, a Democrat Representative from Michigan, tried to add the "Hyde Amendment" language to Obama-care.  At the time he claimed he had enough pro-life votes to keep the bill from passing if the language wasn't added.  He trotted out before the cameras everyday insisting it be added and vowed to not give in.  The President invited him to the White House, scratched out a little note, in the form of an executive order which he can withdraw at a whim, saying he wouldn't fund abortions in Obamacare if Stupak would remove his amendment from the healthcare bill.  Stupak caved, removed the language and ended his career.  And instead of being remembered as a staunch pro-life democrat, he is now remembered as the guy who caved on what was previously his most important issue --- life.

Click on the link below to get additional information and contact your Senator and Representative.  

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