Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mississippi --- In My Opinion

After last month's amazing upset of House Majority leader Cantor we turned around and saw the Republican leadership sink to a new low in Mississippi to defeat Tea Party Candidate Chris McDaniel in a runoff election against Thad Cochran for U.S. Senate.

Thad Cochran was first elected to the Senate with a plurality of the vote in a three-way race in 1978.  McDaniel is Cochran's first primary opponent since 1966.

In the June 3rd 3 way primary McDaniel obtained 49.5% of the vote to Cochran's 49.00%, a difference of 1,386 votes.  Since neither candidate received 50% +1 a runoff between the two candidates was set for June 24th. 

Then came the runoff,  and it got dirty.  In the last days of the campaign the supporters of Thad Cochran pulled out tactics usually reserved for use by those on the left and sent out a recorded  call to black, democrat voters. You see, unlike Florida, Mississippi has an "open" primary.  What that means is anyone can vote in the Republican primary, you don't have to be a registered Republican.  And the call worked.  The runoff results gave Cochran the win 50.9% to 49.1%.

Black voting increased during the Mississippi GOP primary. Statewide turnout increased by almost 70,000 votes over the June 3 primary, with turnout in majority-black counties growing by 43 percent, while in counties where blacks are less than a majority, it grew 17 percent. 

Henry Barbour, the head of Mississippi Conservatives PAC and the nephew of former Miss. Gov. Haley Barbour, confirmed for that the PAC paid Mitzi Bickers "to make paid calls to potential Cochran supporters."  READ DETAILS HERE:

Listen to the Robo Call Here

Republicans like John McCain have hailed these tactics as effective for reaching the black community and went so far as to say they are "worth emulating."

My opinion is that this tactic is race-baiting and despicable and that every registered Republican should come out loudly against it.   I want the black vote, but I want it based on the idea that Republicans have convinced black voters, and all voters, that the principles of the Republican platform are better for them.  That policies based on personal and economic freedom and responsibility will best serve them, their community and our nation.
Silence Is Consent
That's my opinion......