Thursday, October 2, 2014

Who Is Bronson "O"

Just a few short years ago, Bronson Oudshoff was just another Largo resident busy raising his family, going to work, and doing his best to be involved with the PTA and his children's church programs.  He adopted the philosophy that if it did not touch him personally, then he really did not have the time to deal with it, try to influence, or change it.  He was busy, like many are today.

What he found was that the more he got involved in the activities that affected his family, the more he realized he needed to know more and be more involved in the policies that make up his community.

It was this desire that drove Bronson to begin attending, and addressing, the Largo City Commission meetings.  The more he attended the more disturbed he became.  He continued to see very little interaction between the Commission and Largo residents.  In addition, when residents did show up to voice their opinion, particularly opposition, it seemed to fall on deaf ears.  No minds were changed, little, if any, discussion on citizen input.  Moreover, the votes, well, they usually fall along the lines of six to one.  Could it be that Largo had that little diversity?  One consistent lone wolf expressing a different view, voting a different way?  

Bronson Oudshoff decided to find out and is now quickly becoming known as Bronson "O", the name you should know for Largo City Commission, Seat #1.  Bronson filed his paper work, gathered the required petitions and qualified to run for the Commission.
Bronson "O" and his team are knocking on doors, talking to Largo residents asking the question, "Is there diversity of thought in Largo?" 

While out talking to Largo residents Bronson "O" left one house and was heading to the next when a man met him at the sidewalk.  He was working out in his garage and overheard him talking to his neighbor.  He asked if Bronson was running for some type of office. Bronson introduced himself.  The man had just heard about him that morning as one of his friends had shared the Bronson "O" website on his Facebook page.  He is a small business owner, and shared that he lived in Largo but chose to work in St. Petersburg because it was harder for him to do business in Largo.

At another house, he met a wife whose husband works on the east coast during the week because of the economic downturn.  As they spoke, she became more and more engaged.  As she read Bronson's palm card she was very excited to find out how active Bronson is in his church and stated that our government needed more Christians in office.  She was also pleased that Bronson was giving his children such a valuable lesson as well, as two of his children were walking with him.  

Do the six city commissioners in the many 6 to 1 votes really speak for all of Largo?
Bronson "O" does not think so.   Will his message of lower taxes, prioritized spending, and strong values resonate with Largo voters? The November 4th election will tell the voters side of the story.

To find out more about Bronson "O", the name you should know for Largo City Commission, Seat #1visit  .